Dear Lyons LEO Club members,

I hope you are all doing well and enjoying the autumn weather in lovely Lyons.

Today, my mom, Margaret Anne Schmitt, and I met teachers and members of the student council from Kingwood High School (KHS). As their school building is flooded, the KHS students are attending classes at Summer Creek High School (SCHS), which is about a twenty-eight mile drive from KHS.

The student populations are too big (SCHS has 2,427 students, and KHS has 2,610) for all the students to attend at once, so SCHS attends classes first, from 7 a.m. to 11:25 a.m. Then, the school changes over. SCHS students, teachers and administrators end their day, and KHS takes their place from 12:11 to 4:30 p.m. Both schools run their team and club practices separately. KHS has been getting help to replace uniforms, instruments, and books that were destroyed in the flood.

We delivered your letters to student council representatives and they were very touched by your thoughtfulness. They will be displaying your letters outside of their offices and classrooms to share with the students. They were moved to hear that your town had also experienced a 1,000 year flood and were grateful that you reached out to them to show your support in such a personal way.

Thanks, LEO Club, for giving each of us a brighter day today! Keep up the great work.

Claudia Powers

The Lyons LEO Club, sponsored by the local Lion's Club met and wrote personal letters to high school students in Kingwood, Texas (Houston area) who experienced devastating flooding in the fall 2017. All young people are invited to participate in this youth-run civic organization. They have fun while making a difference in the community. They are currently actively involved in helping build the Habitat for Humanity homes right here in Lyons. Ask a Lyons Lion's Club member, a high school staff, or one of the LEO members for information about joining the group.

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