Dear Lyons community,
This past week, co-owner of the Western Stars Gallery & Studio, Chrystal DeCoster, wrote a posting in Facebook lamenting that a person on the street basically said to her that her business was probably slow because she and other locals don’t like Western art and can’t afford going into her gallery. The Facebook page went on fire as locals poured in their comments by the dozens saying

how much they love the style of their art store, the price range aimed at all size pocketbooks, the events like sip-and-paints, and the opportunity to support local artists whose works are on commission there. After only two days, an incredible 125 people had clicked “LIKE” on her posting.

I am bringing this up because we are going into the slower shopping and tourist season, and for these kinds of Lyons shops (and equally fabulous restaurants) to survive, they will need locals to support them. Just this past month, four local stores closed their doors. We lost top-notch sports clothing and baked goods, and more.

The next time you want to buy a gift, consider Western Stars’ eight dollar grizzly bear shot glasses, or a four hundred dollar original bear painting. Check out the ceramic ponies and greeting cards at the St. Vrain Pharmacy. There are some cute lamps at ReRuns. How about the packable hats for travelers and sandstone coasters at the Red Canyon Art store. Or if you prefer, there is an antique turkey serving platter at Ralston Antiques. And you can always check out the used book shop at the Lyons Redstone Museum. Need I go on?

If you’re not sure what the town offers, stop by the Lyons Visitor Center this weekend (before they close for the season October 1) and make a list of the stores you want to visit. Keep them in mind for your holiday shopping. Share a copy of the booklet with friends. It’s never too soon to begin picking out just the right gift, and I cant tell you how much I love telling people, “I got it right here, by locals.”

Good luck shopping!
Kathleen Spring - Lyons area shopper

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