Going for Green in Lyons

By Kathleen Thurmes
Last week, Eco-Cycle, Environment Colorado, CoPIRG and concerned citizens gathered at Confluence Park in Denver to highlight the dangers associated single-use disposable plastics and to launch a new statewide effort to ban food-grade polystyrene foam containers, one of the worst offenders.

Plastic pollution poses a danger to our planet, our oceans, and our health. That’s why Eco-Cycle is partnering with



By Ken Singer
Nearly 3000 athletes, beer drinkers, kayakers, dirt-bike jumpers, and other folks as well as many dogs were at the 2018 edition of the Outdoor Games/Burning Can on Saturday, June 2. The event was held at the Bohn Park Off-Leash Dog Park.

According to Kim Mitchell of the Town of Lyons, volunteers prepping the park for Saturday found “ten tennis balls, no snakes, and just three dog do-dos.”
The Zero Waste Green Team was supervised by Sustainability Coordinator, Toby Russell, who was busy in his town vehicle picking up bags of recycling, compostables,


By Katherine Weadley
The Summer Library Program at the Lyons Community Library kicked off June 2 with an Instrument Petting Zoo. Patrons old and young had fun trying out new instruments, singing, dancing, and making joyful noise in our library! There is a lot of fun left for the summer though. Summertime reading logs can be picked up at any time. Read, draw, eat-a-vegetable, tell a joke, or do 25 jumping jacks to earn your way to summer prizes! This year’s nationally chosen Summer Library Program theme is “Libraries Rock!” This fits right in with the vibe of the Lyons area. Prizes range from bookmarks to cool Melissa & Doug brand harmonicas and more! Prizes are



The Board of Trustees discussed and wrestled with several items that had to do with upcoming events/festivals at Planet Bluegrass until the wee hours of the night at Monday's meeting.

Lyons Substation Supervisor Sgt. Bill Crist of the Boulder County Sheriff's Office informed the Board that “there were no problems in the parks” during the Lyons Outdoor Games/Burning Can Festival. He added that “there were no


Two Lyons adventurers, Erica Ellingson and Sarah Catchpole (the “Blister Sisters”), are preparing for a challenging hike. They will be trekking over one hundred miles across the remote and rolling Yorkshire Dales and Moors in the north of England. Why? To raise


The Lyons Redstone Museum will be kicking off the summer with a number of events in June, including the opening of a new exhibit on the history of the railroad and the Lyons depot building, the Lyons History Summer Day Camp, and Good Old Days activities.  The museum will be open daily beginning June 1, through September 30.



During a pre-meeting workshop the Trustees interviewed two law firms (Widner & Juran, LLP; and Michow, Cox, & McAskin, LLP) about representing the Town in the future. Michow and Cox were formerly with the Widner group, and represented the Town before

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