Another week gone by. And it was a busy one. But it was nice to have remembrances of the Flood of 2013 and to reconized the recovery progress.

Governor Hickenlooper was more than pleased having a loop trail in Lyons named the HickenLOOPer Way; he certainly did a lot for Lyons and the entire area. Thanks to all who participated in the event on Monday. Yes, five years and the town is slowly recovering.



Another week gone by. The local schools have started. Thanks for the community BBQ, which was a nice way to get the high school football season started. But the local boys got beaten by those tough Holyoke Farmers. The game on Friday will be at Idaho Springs. Better luck against the Miners. 



Another week gone by. Many memories of the September 2013 flood five long years ago. Thanks to the Town for having the wonderful remembrance event on Monday; a good crowd, lovely weather, and great speakers.

We were highly honored to have Senator Bennet, LHS student Hailey Odell read her poem “What if?,” Mayor Connie Sullivan, Lee dePalo from FEMA, Director Mike Willis of DHSEM, Governor Hickenlooper, all speak. Also, Mindy Tallent spoke about the small business perspective on resilience, and there was a tree planting and dedication with



It seems summer went very fast this year, and here school started on Wednesday, ready or not. All school contractors, custodians, administrators, and teachers have been working diligently to get ready for the first day of school, and it is here! Most kids are excited to get back to school, to meet their teachers, get their books, and see their friends, but now they have to study to become self-sustaining citizens.

THE LES PTO will host a donuts and coffee on Friday morning for all parents to learn about their PTO.



Another week gone by. The Lyons High School girls lost their last two basketball games and will not be going to the state tournament. Clear Creek will be going for our division. The 1A and 2A games start Thursday at the Budweiser center in Loveland. We want to express our thanks and appreciation to our Lyons team.

They did well, and gave us spectators a lot of excitement. Eight teams of boys and girls, out of some forty teams in Class 2A, get to go to state. For the boys it's:



Another week gone by. It was a busy one for Lyons with the RockyGrass Festival and 4000 to 5000 people visiting and parking in Lyons. The music was great; the weather was good; the parking, parks, camping, wastewater treatment plant parking lot and Lyons streets were full. Without  the completion of Bohn Park Phase 2 (held up due to a FEMA

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